RV Kitchen Faucet Aerator

Ok this is an absurdly simple item, hardly even worth mentioning…

I learned of it while watching the YouTube channel “HoboTech”. This chronicles some middle age guy who gives up his dayjob, converts an old RoadTrek, and travels the country.

In between, he offers a lot of great tips for the DIYer.

So one of his recommendations was this little aerator for your kitchen faucet. You rotate it through 3 clicks to choose the amount of water.

The default setting for me of .5 gallons a minute saves a lot of water and gives a nice aerated stream instead of the normal faucet which comes out more like a hose.

I suppose the downside is – if you wanted to fill a water jug or something it’s completely useless, you would literally need a funnel. But we don’t drink from the house water supply, so this little thing is perfect for us.

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