ICECO JP50 Refrigerator

We travel with a backup refrigerator that is hugely useful, depending on our mood, as a wine/drink cooler, holding area while we defrost the big fridge, or, in a pinch, a second usable refrigerator in case the big one fails. We previously had an Alpicool Refrigerator which works great and fits behind the drivers seat. […]

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Zoleo Satellite Communicator

I’ve had a Globalstar GSP-1700 sat phone for a long time. Globalstar has a tortured history. Once a great service, it experienced some satellite failures and the service went to hell. It was so bad that to get the phone to work you had to consult a chart for when the next working satellite would […]

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SensorPush HTP.xw Wireless Thermometer

A while back I bought an RV refrigerator temperature monitor. That actually worked quite well, and was cheap and reliable. But, I’m always wanting more! The old monitor would record the high and low between resets, and the current temperature, but that was about it. With my new RV compressor refrigerator, I’m wanting more information. […]

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Alpicool C20 20 Liter 12 volts Refrigerator

Stuff happens, and just about anybody who travels in an RV extensively will have refrigerator problems sooner or later. Or maybe you just want a truly tiny refrigerator you can use just about anywhere. In my case, it was a refrigerator failure. While waiting for parts I needed something to keep some minimal items cold. […]

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RV Generator – Diesel or Propane?

This comes up online so often online that arguably its comparable to, “Cats or Dogs?” But not really. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages, so its worth considering what you plan to do with it. Its important to understand that RV diesel generators are not the same thing as the legendary commercial diesel generators […]

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RV Chassis Battery Tender

So it turns out many RVs (and for sure our Sprinter) have pretty massive “vampire” loads. If you park my van, even for a fairly short period (say 10 days) you could come back to a battery that’s depleted. That’s because the house charger will not charge the chassis battery from AC, and the chassis […]

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Collapsible RV Water Container

Sooner or later you’ll need a water jug while camping. For instance while camping at Yellowstone with no hookups we occasionally used the nearby spigot to top off the fresh water tank without moving. Most of the time though, its unneeded so this was the perfect solution. It stays folded 99% of the time and […]

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Brita Water Pitcher, Slim

We learned quickly that Bottled water is an unwanted and expensive chore. We are water bigots and at home drink RO (Reverse Osmosis) or bottled water to get rid of chlorine or other chemicals But then we realized we already have double filtration in the the RV (house filter + external hose mounted filter) so […]

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RV Refrigerator Temperature Monitor

I quickly learned that RV refrigerators REALLY suck. I already knew that my spare refrigerator at home in my garage in Florida suffered in the 90 degrees + heat. But what I didn’t know is that RV refrigerators use a different technology than a home compressor fridge. In a nutshell, the freezer is generally marginally […]

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RV Kitchen Faucet Aerator

Ok this is an absurdly simple item, hardly even worth mentioning… I learned of it while watching the YouTube channel “HoboTech”. This chronicles some middle age guy who gives up his dayjob, converts an old RoadTrek, and travels the country. In between, he offers a lot of great tips for the DIYer. So one of […]

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RV Air Compressor Review

My very first RV purchase once we finally received ours (the 2019  Leisure Travel Corner Bed was one year on order) was an air compressor.  I think it’s the most essential RV accessory. A couple reasons.  First, maintaining proper air pressure is extremely important.  It will have an effect on the safety, handling, and tire […]

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