Equalizer Systems Emergency Operations

I regularly read posts about either being stuck with broken jacks or slides, or, people who travel without either for fear of being stranded. And I’m totally in that camp of not wanting the embarrassment and inconvenience of being stranded if possible. So I wanted to practice retracting my jacks manually. There are several excellent […]

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The Truth About Social Security

When planning for retirement I found I was bombarded with misleading information about Social Security, ranging from mildly to totally wrong. The first – screaming headlines suggest that “social security is going broke”. This is a widely held view that is completely false. Social security will never go broke because it is widely used and […]

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Rewire RV with Xantrex 3000 XC Pro and (3) Renogy 100Ah 12V Bluetooth Batteries

This is a big project that involves a lot of stuff, but in a nutshell I bought a Xantrex 3000 XC Pro Inverter/Charger. This is an inverter big enough to run anything in the RV, including my air conditioner (at least for a little while), off of batteries. There is not much sense to having […]

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TST 507 Series 6 Flow Thru Sensor TPMS System with Color Display

Finally! TPMS. And no, you don’t need to install Borg stems! Here is the background: Many people buy DIY TPMS off the Internet, and have their stems crack on the way home or after a short trip. The reason is usually due to either a rubber valve stem, or more often, a dually valve stem […]

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SensorPush HTP.xw Wireless Thermometer

A while back I bought an RV refrigerator temperature monitor. That actually worked quite well, and was cheap and reliable. But, I’m always wanting more! The old monitor would record the high and low between resets, and the current temperature, but that was about it. With my new RV compressor refrigerator, I’m wanting more information. […]

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Adding a dash switch to IRD / Battery Relay

Many people who have switched to Lithium, particularly with more than 200 AH of capacity, have installed a DC-DC charger. But I am not quite ready. They steal some of the efficiency, have relatively low output, require a big chunk of mounting real estate near the battery, and its another item to break and ruin […]

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Pepwave MAX Transit Duo Cat12

I previously installed a Cradlepoint IBR900 Router. I was reasonably satisfied with it. It wasn’t a perfect experience though. The registration process (required to manage remotely) was chaotic and took numerous calls and trouble tickets to be resolved. It immediately started crashing due to router bugs. Again, resolved through support tickets. It was a firmware […]

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Upgrade Battery Isolation Relay Cole Hersee

Just like clockwork, after about two years of ownership I noticed my alternator stopped charging my batteries reliably. Its always a little unreliable on my Lithium batteries. (I count on the solar to top them off.) But in this case the alternator completely stopped charging. (Although sometimes it would). From posts on the internet I […]

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Alpicool C20 20 Liter 12 volts Refrigerator

Stuff happens, and just about anybody who travels in an RV extensively will have refrigerator problems sooner or later. Or maybe you just want a truly tiny refrigerator you can use just about anywhere. In my case, it was a refrigerator failure. While waiting for parts I needed something to keep some minimal items cold. […]

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RV Generator – Diesel or Propane?

This comes up online so often online that arguably its comparable to, “Cats or Dogs?” But not really. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages, so its worth considering what you plan to do with it. Its important to understand that RV diesel generators are not the same thing as the legendary commercial diesel generators […]

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RV Refrigerator Temperature Monitor

I quickly learned that RV refrigerators REALLY suck. I already knew that my spare refrigerator at home in my garage in Florida suffered in the 90 degrees + heat. But what I didn’t know is that RV refrigerators use a different technology than a home compressor fridge. In a nutshell, the freezer is generally marginally […]

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Sooner or later, if you have an RV, you are going to discover that some of the nicest places you would want to camp don’t have any cell service. None. Nada. Now, some people might think that’s just fine. But I have a job, and can take emergency calls round the clock, even on vacation. […]

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