ICECO JP50 Refrigerator

We travel with a backup refrigerator that is hugely useful, depending on our mood, as a wine/drink cooler, holding area while we defrost the big fridge, or, in a pinch, a second usable refrigerator in case the big one fails.

We previously had an Alpicool Refrigerator which works great and fits behind the drivers seat.

Super nice, but the thing was tiny. So last summer we upgraded to this relatively massive once that runs off a Danfoss compressor just like the big boys. You can run it as a refrigerator or a freezer (but not both).

Its relatively massive at 50 liters – in a pinch, enough to get by on for weeks without spoiling a vacation.

And yep, it still fits in the dead space behind the driver’s seat.

We used this all summer and man! was it neat. You can fill it with warm wine or drinks and they are cold before you know it. Also used it while defrosting the Isotherm.

I can’t say enough good about it. We ran it nonstop for months. Its quiet, uses just a few amps, and worked great all summer.

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