SensorPush HTP.xw Wireless Thermometer

A while back I bought an RV refrigerator temperature monitor. That actually worked quite well, and was cheap and reliable.

But, I’m always wanting more! The old monitor would record the high and low between resets, and the current temperature, but that was about it.

With my new RV compressor refrigerator, I’m wanting more information. The SensorPush line of stuff solves that. These little cubes transmit Bluetooth data and retain 45 days on the device.

So that means I can quickly review the fridge temps on any phone or tablet. Not just the high and low; but for the first time I can now see graphs that will also infer the run time and how often the refrigerator is cycling:

You can infer from this overnight graph that the refrigerator is cycling on and off with around a 50% duty cycle. This sensor is located near the door in the warmest part of the refrigerator. The other one is in the freezer near the front, and looks similar, with ranges from about -5 to 12 degrees F.

For an RV refrigerator this is important stuff to know. I can tell, for instance, if the fridge is just barely keeping up running 24 hours or its just cruising along like it is now.

Ar first I was thinking I might want the WiFi gateway; but it seems unnecessary. Each SensorPush HTP.xw Wireless Thermometer retains its data for 45 days, and the Bluetooth seems to work from quite far away, so your phone will “catch up” when you return.

I chose the SensorPush HTP.xw Wireless Thermometer – which is their most expensive and contains sensors I don’t really need (like barometric pressure) because they claim its their best and most accurate, but the cheaper ones probably work pretty well too.

This simple gizmo makes it a lot easier to keep an eye on the fridge, and the temperature is spot on what my temp gun records.

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